Architectural competition-FLORENCE Cultural center

This cultural center is meant to be in the newest part of Florence, Italy. As this part is not that interesting for tourists, it can be interesting to have nice modern building that can attract  locals and also tourists. My idea was to have a reception in the ground floor from where you can go to four different levels and places such as: auditorium, restaurant, library and book shop and expositions. All those levels are higher than ground floor, so the view of the city could be better. Restaurant is large and it is made mostly in glass, auditorium is looking on the old part of the city and it is higher than restaurant, library and book shop are combined together making open space and giving the joy of relaxation close to the nature, it is in the same level as restaurant. Exposition building is near all those that I mentioned but it has three floors and each one is for different exhibition: photographs, sculpture and pictures. The park is large and with a lot of platans that are symbol of Tuscany  and the parking is underground near deposit place. Every level is connected  with staircases and elevators.






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Barcelona housing competition

Recently  I have participated in another architectonic competition. it was the competition from site Start for talents, and it was about reconstruction of one building in historic part of Barcelona, Spain. The quart is close to the sea, with beautiful park in front of it, surrounded with similar building with basically same design. It was… Continue reading Barcelona housing competition